Thursday, March 13, 2008

"The study of Gotocola plant and its uses"

I. Statement of the study
This study determines the different uses of Gotocola plant in the community.Specifically it will try to answer the following questions.
1) Is gotocola plant abundant in the community?
2) What is the purpose of planting Gotocola plant in the community?
3) Is Gotocola planted for herba purposes?
4) What herbal usage is applicable to Gotocola?
5) How is Gotocola used as herbal medicine?

II. Background of the study
I researcher come up with this study because I want to determine the different uses of Gotocola that is applicable to our health. In this study can find out that gotocola plant for herbal purposes asie from being plant.I choose gotocola since it is abundant in our community. And I know that I can help to inform the gotocola planted for some purposes.


The significance of the study is to inform people and to prove that Gotocola plant has many purposes and uses especially in our health.

IV. Scope and limitatons

This study focuses, why the uses of gotocola plant.We all know that gotocola plant is not so known unike the other herbal plants. I prefer to choose this study because as I know gotocola plant is likely the same and abundant to other herbal plant.In this study, we can find out, what herbal usage is applicable to gotocola plant.I know in this study, there should be a tests for its standards in this study.Researchers, there should be a guidance from experts to continue this study.

V. Definition of Terms
Gotocola plant - a herbal plant